Fresh Vegan Spanakopita

This is a fresh and simple take on the Greek classic. My Greek grandmother always used to wring out the spinach to give her spanakopita the perfect texture, moist but not watery. Flavorful green onions, garlic, dill and parsley lend bright notes to this version and crumbled tofu replaces the ubiquitous feta cheese. Ingredients: 5 … Continue reading Fresh Vegan Spanakopita

Vegan Tzatziki

Fresh dill, cucumber, lemon juice and garlic are the trademark of this essential Greek condiment that brightens up any meal. Ingredients: 1 box soft silken tofu ½ lemon juiced 1 small cucumber, peeled 1-2 tbsp coconut aminos Handfull of dill (1/2 a large bunch or a full small bunch) 2 cloves garlic Chop cucumber in … Continue reading Vegan Tzatziki